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Can Rebound Relationships Work?

Have you ever asked yourself “can rebound relationships work?” You are not alone. Many people are skeptical when it comes to rebound relationships. A rebound relationship is when you begin a relationship right after a breakup. Critics of rebound relationships say that they do not work because the person who is rebounding is often just looking for what he or she had with their prior partner. They say that most people feel very lonely when they get out of a relationship and quickly seek someone new. They do not believe that rebound relationships work.Can rebound relationships work? That is the question that a lot of people who find themselves falling for someone after a breakup wonder. Those who give love advice often advise people to wait and give themselves time to heal before embarking on another relationship. But these type of relationships often do work.A person who is just coming out of a relationship is much more prone to starting a new relationship than someone who is comfortable being alone. Relationships are very tricky things – they can come in bunches or it can be a long period of time between relationships.Rebound relationships can work if both parties become committed to one another and are willing to put the past in the past. If one party is still longing for his or her lost love well into the relationship, then the relationship will experience problems. But that does not mean that someone cannot be longing for someone else upon entering a relationship and not grow to love the person with whom they embarked on a rebound relationship.If you have been asking yourself “can rebound relationships work” you are probably thinking of entering into a new relationship with someone or are in a relationship with a person who is on the rebound. You may be surprised to learn that this relationship stands as much of a chance of working out as any other relationship.Think of it this way – if someone is entering into a relationship because they miss being in a relationship, they are more likely to commit than someone who has been out of a relationship for a while and is perfectly happy on his or her own.If you are entering into a new relationship after a break up, you may feel lonely and scared. You may be looking to cling on to someone, anyone, so that you do not have to be alone. People will state that you are entering into the relationship for “all the wrong reasons.” But if being lonely is not a reason to be in a relationship, what is?Most people who are not in relationship long for companionship with another person. Human beings are not meant to live alone and are social creatures. While the degree of loneliness may be different for someone who is on the rebound than for someone who has been on their own for a while, it is still basically the same thing. Can rebound relationships work? Yes, if you give them time to develop and flourish.

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